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Trabajos con autores del III-LIDI expuestos en las VIII Jornadas de Cloud Computing-Big Data & Emergent Topics

Towards a malleable Tensorflow implementation
Leandro Libutti, Francisco Igual, Luis Piñuel, Marcelo Naiouf, Laura De Giusti.

Classification of summer crops using Active Learning techniques on Landsat images in the Northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires.
Lucas Benjamin Cicerchia, María José Abasolo, Claudia Russo.

Reddening-free Q indices to identify Be star candidates.
Yael Aidelman, Carlos Escudero, Franco Ronchetti, Facundo Quiroga, Laura Lanzarini.

Analysis, Deployment and Integration of Platforms for Fog Computing.
Joaquín De Antueno, Santiago Medina, Armando De Giusti, Laura De Giusti.

Surveillance system in the cloud for improving a low cost commercial system.
María José Abasolo, Carlos Sebastián Castañeda

Cloud Robotics for Industry 4.0 – A Literature Review.
Nancy Velásquez Villagrán, Elsa Estévez, Patricia Pesado.

A framework for linking open environmental data.
Santiago Preisegger, Patricia Pesado, Ariel Pasini.

Framework for Data Quality Evaluation Based on ISO/IEC 25012 and ISO/IEC 25024.
Silvia Esponda, Patricia Pesado, Julieta Calabrese.

Towards Smart Data Technologies for Big Data Analytics.
María José Basgall, Marcelo Naiouf, Alberto Fernández, Francisco Herrera.

Collaborative, distributed and scalable platform based on mobile, cloud, micro services and containers for intensive computing tasks.
David Petrocelli, Marcelo Naiouf, Armando De Giusti.

Integration of Sensor Networks with Cloud Computing.
Santiago Medina, Fernando Romero, Fernando G. Tinetti.

Performance Analysis and Optimizations Techniques for Legacy Code Numerical Simulations.
Fernando G. Tinetti, Federico Díaz.

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