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Knowledge Transfer

III-LIDI establishes agreements on technology knowledge transfer with private companies and the public sector for the analysis, design and implementation of software solutions.

One of its main goals is to take out patents and Registered Intellectual Property for technological products.

The emphasis is on projects that generate technological (or methodological) innovation in the public sector as much as in the private sector.

An interaction area between companies and the public sector is the training staff and the technical consultancy and information technology and equipment audit as well.

Target: Professional Council of Computing Science from the Province of Buenos Aires (CPCIBA)

Aim/Subject: Development of an e-vote system via internet for the authorities’ election of the CPCIBA (2015 and 2017 elections)

Agreement date: from 10/12/2015
Target: Pension Fund Accounting for Pharmaceutical Sciences, province of Buenos Aires (CAFAR)

Aim/Subject: development of an e-vote system via internet for the authorities’ election of CAFAR. (2014, 2016 and 2018 elections).

Agreement date: from 10/07/2013


Target: National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET)

Aim/Subject: development, implementation and maintenance of the software system called: “La Plata CCT Management”

Agreement date: from 25/6/2015


Target: School of Economics Sciences-UNLP

Aim/Subject:Development and maintenance of the “Digest of the School of Economics Sciences”

Agreement date: from 01/06/2015