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Main projects (2018-2022)

High-Performance Computing: Architectures, Algorithms, Performance Metrics and HPC applications, Big Data, Robotics, Real Time Signal Processing
11/F024 Project

Methodologies, Techniques and Tools for Software Engineering in Hybrid Sceneries/Situations
11/F023 Project

Smart Systems, Applications in pattern Recognition, Data mining and Big Data
11/F025 Project

PITAP Project (2016-2018)
High-Performance Computing, Data Mining and Applications with Social Impact.
Goals: the basic goal of this project is the development of human resources for the applications of interest for the province of Buenos Aires divided into two main points: High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Data Mining (DM). Likewise, it is focused on concrete solution for problems of social impact that require HPC and DM, and can be applied and transferred to the public sector and to companies in the province as well.
Head: Dr Laura Lanzarini. Deputy Heads: Dr. Fernando Tinetti and Dr Laura De Giusti.
Evaluated and Supported by: CICPBA (PIT-AP-BA Project).

Tools for the Development and Implementation of Digital Public Services for Social Action for towns from the province of Buenos Aires.
Goals: the basic goal of this project is to develop a tool kit for a town administration that will facilitate the delivery of social action digital public services for neighbours, to support public servants and employees to develop human abilities to learn how to use those tools and to contribute to citizens’sensibility
Head: Dr. Pablo Fillotrani. Deputy Heads: Dr Elsa Estévez and Graduate Patricia Pesado.
Evaluated and Supported by: CICPBA (PIT-AP-BA Project).

REFORTICCA Resources for the empowerment of ICT, Science and Envirornment Trainers.
Goals: the basic goals of this project is to offer primary and high school teachers teaching resources and ICT tools to be used as a help for the learning-teaching process in Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Envirornment.
Head: Dr María José Abásolo. Head Deputies: Dr María Luján Castro and Dr Graciela Santos.
Evaluated and Supported by: CICPBA (PIT-AP-BA PROJECT)

Prior Projects (2014-2017)

HPC Multiprocessor Architecture: Base Software, metrics and applications
11/F018 Project

Technologies for Distributed Software Systems. Quality in Systems and Processes. Teaching Sceneries/Situations mediated by ICT
11/F016 Project

High-Performance Parallel Computation. HPC Performance Basis and Assessment. Applications to Intelligent Systems, Simulation and Image Processing
11/F017 Project

Previous Projects (2010-2013)

Distributed Multiprocessor Architectures. Models, Base Software and Applications. Approved by UNLP (2010-2013)
11-F011-F010 Project

Technologies and Applications in Distributed Software Systems. Experiences in E-Learning. E-Government and Production Systems. Approved by UNLP (2010-2013)
11-F011-F012 Project

Parallel and Distributed Processing. Basis and Applications in Intelligent Systems and Video and Image Processing. Approved by UNLP (2010 – 2013)
11-F011-F012 Project

Thematic Network of Universities on Applications and Usability for Interactive Digital TV.
REDAUTI (2012-2015)

Goals: to support human resources development, to encourage research through disciplines and to strengthen research groups in Iberoamerican universities regarding Digital TV, improving the design, implementation and display of applications, services and production for Digital TV contents, in its multiple open-code and collective-interest platforms, to solve problems from the Iberoamerican context.

Head: Dr María José Abásolo
Evaluated and Supported by: CYTED (Iberoamerican Program of Science and Technology for the development (Spain). 512RT0461 Network.
Date: 01/01/2012-31/12/2015